You Said It!

We thought you might like to see what you've said about us over the last few years. Here are some extracts from the Tearoom Visitors book. I'm pleased to say most of the comments are very complimentary - thank you!

"Friendly people, wonderful food and a perfect setting…what more could anyone ask for. Thank you to all at The Watermill." Lesley.

"Fantastic mill tour, lovely food, flour is brilliant." Jacqui & Steve.

"World class scones". Bryan and Lynn.

"Absolutely delicious bread with super soup…a place very well worth a visit." MC.

"The best bread we've ever tasted". Malcolm & family.

"A fantastic variety of tastes and a wonderful homely feel to this friendly place." Nick.

"Undoubtedly the best tearoom in the world…bang goes the waistline!" Carol & John.

"Five star treatment..great food..was rather full afterwards…never met such wonderful staff…can't wait to come back". Anon

"Heartfelt thanks…almost like going back to childhood days, when we ate so well and never ever became obese". Josephine.

"The bestest scones ever…" Jean and Michael

"Awesome porridge…set us up for the day!" Dougil

"Delicious food…we will definitely come back!" Mr and Mrs Just-Married-Six-Days.

" Aha…at last I've found you…heard about your hospitality…it's even better than the stories…" Jude

And yes, there are some poets amongst you!

At Last the Mill is Found

We came out of the Lakes Searching for coffee and cakes
Fleeing away from the rain
We searched vale and fell
For mythical Salkeld
And feared that our quest was in vain,
When round the corner, over the hill,
Down by the river we spotted the Mill,
There we did partake of the coffee and cake,
That they made by the river, in the Mill.

Jeff and Anne-Marie Thomas.