Why is organic yeast better ?

What happens in a conventional yeast factory?

The next paragraph explains how most yeast is made .....

In order to find even cheaper ways of producing yeast and to satisfy the demands of the modern baking industry, extensive programmes for strain development of S.cerevisiae (Baker’s yeast)are taking place using genetic manipulation and some strains have even been patented. These programmes involve gene-altering techniques such as mutagenesis, hybridization, protoplast fusion, transformation and DNA technology. Starting from a pure culture of selected strains it only takes about 6-8 days to produce thousands of kilos of baker’s yeast. The growing yeast requires a source of sugars, alcohol and organic acids. Nitrogen is also essential for yeast growth. Cane and beet molasses were initially found to be the cheapest growing medium; whey (from milk) and corn syrup are even cheaper. S. cerevisiae (Baker’s yeast) does not have the necessary enzymes to utilise the lactose in whey, so a new strain has been developed through genetic engineering! Sources of nitrogen used to be based on ammonia, but it is now possible to use urea.


...and this is about how Bioreal Organic yeast is made...

Bioreal Organic Yeast – the Better Way
Selected yeast strains and lactic acid bacteria cultures are bred in a wholly organic nutrient solution made from organic grain, pure spring water and enzymes. All micro-organisms and raw materials are guaranteed GMO-free.
The fermentation process uses no chemicals, and organic sunflower oil is used as an antifoaming agent. Bioreal Organic Yeast requires no rinsing. Since all plant equipment is steam-cleaned and disinfectants are unnecessary, even the wastewater from full plant cleaning is free from contamination. The fermentation medium also forms the basis for further organic products such as drinks.
There are no restrictions to the use of Bioreal Organic Yeast. The product can be used in all applications where conventional yeast is used.
The Bioreal production process is complex – but our environment is worth the effort. The exceptional care and environmental consideration involved in Bioreal Organic Yeast production also has its price – but the results will outperform all your expectations: 
v      Use Bioreal Organic Yeast in producing and marketing organic bakery products and other organic products such as soups, from 100% organic ingredients
v      Guaranteed GMO-free
v      No chemical additives
v      Consistent quality – consistent success