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Stoneground 100% Wholewheat FlourStoneground 100% Wholewheat Flour

Our bestseller. A specialist, well-balanced flour with a distictive quality, flavour, and energy. An excellent multi-purpose flour for bread, cakes, biscuits and pastry. Because of the bran, this flour may need extra liquid for bread, cakes and pastry. Biodynamic Demeter Quality.
Harvest FlourHarvest Flour

This flour has been specially created for use with Bread Machines. It is a delicious mix of Stoneground Wheatmeal Flour combined with Linseed, Pumkin and Millet seeds. All ingredients are organic. Purchases support the Tourism and Conservation Partnership
85% Wheatmeal Flour85% Wheatmeal Flour

15% of the bran, which is the outside layer of the wheat, is sieved off to leave a finer, paler, lighter flour.Biodynamic Demeter Quality.
85% Wheatmeal Self-Raising Flour85% Wheatmeal Self-Raising Flour

This flour contains Sodium Bicarbonate and Acid Calcium Phosphate - both raising agents approved by the Soil Association. The 85% Wheatmeal Self-Raising is ideal for those who prefer their baking a little lighter.
"Granarius" Malted Flour"Granarius" Malted Flour

Stoneground Wheat Flour with Malted Wheat for a specially malty flavour and crunchy texture. A bestseller.
85% Barley Flour85% Barley Flour

Barley Flour makes a slightly heavier loaf, lower in gluten, and sweeter, but it is good for those who cannot have wheat. It makes excellent sponges with the addition of baking powder - a teaspoon of baking powder to 8oz of flour.Biodynamic Demeter Quality.
Stoneground Rye FlourStoneground Rye Flour

This makes a strong, dark, heavy bread, excellent for sourdoughs, using yoghurt for half the quantity of liquid. Make as for normal bread. It will also work with the no-knead recipe.Biodynamic Demeter Quality.
"Special Blend" Flour"Special Blend" Flour

We are proud to say that we "invented" this recipe especially for vegans and vegetarians, as the combination of grains, seeds and legumes makes a complete protein. Stoneground Wheat Flours with Soya Flour, Sesame Seeds and Sunflower Seeds. An excellent multi-purpose flour for bread, cakes, biscuits and pastry. Also very popular with non-vegetarians! With a touch of soya flour, Special Blend makes excellent pastry.
Unbleached White FlourUnbleached White Flour

Stoneground,Bio-Dynamic quality, sieved through a cylindrical "bolter" to remove about 40% of the bran and semolina. Makes a delicious, light, creamy bread - best eaten fresh.Biodynamic Demeter Quality.
"Four Grain Blend" Flour"Four Grain Blend" Flour

Stoneground Wheat Flour with Cracked Rye Flakes, Barley Flakes and Oat Flakes. A lovely crunchy texture and delicious taste for biscuits, crumble tops and flapjacks, as well as a solid loaf full of flakes. After two or three days, it makes very good toast.
"Miller's Magic" Maslin Flour"Miller's Magic" Maslin Flour

Traditional Medieval English recipe made from a mixture of Wheat and Rye Flours. Produces a delicious flavoursome bread with the taste and moistness of rye, and the lightness and rising quality of wheat - the best of both worlds, so that you can have your Maslin and eat it! The wheat content is middlings, which is an extraction from bolting white flour and is very low in gluten.Biodynamic Demeter Quality.
Pancake FlourPancake Flour

Delicious Bran reduced Flour - Perfect for Pancake Mixes or Sauces. Biodynamic Demeter Quality.
Spelt FlourSpelt Flour

This is an ancient grain and was used throughout Europe. It almost died out in the 19th century as it did not take to intensive agriculture, but survived in Germany. Some people who are slightly wheat intolerant are able to eat Spelt. It is a pleasing flour to work with and produces good results. It is a low yielding grain which is reflected in the price. The grain we are using at the moment is grown in the UK.Biodynamic Demeter Quality.
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